Day 53 – Sunday, July 16

PCT Mile 830.9 to PCT Mile 844.4
Day Total: 13.5 Miles

Today we hiked over Muir Pass, which had even more snow than any of the previous passes. Miles and miles of snow.

We walked on dry ground for just a couple miles this morning, and then the three miles up to the pass were about 98 percent snow covered. The snow was slushy by the time we were walking on it, so we had wet shoes right away.

At the top of Muir Pass we found Papa Bear and Trailblazer sitting behind the stone shelter. We sat and ate a long lunch with them, looking out over the miles of snow ahead of us.

The way down was even more of a slog.

The snow was slushy and the grade was really gentle, so progress was slow. There weren't any sections steep enough to be able to glissade, so we just slogged.

We walked over snow for more than four miles on the way down, interrupted only briefly by rock islands. We came across a sign for the trail that pointed across a 30-yard wide, slow moving creek. That summed up the day.

There is no trail anymore, just water as snow or a stream.

We made it to Evolution Lake in the evening and decided it was too good a place to camp to keep hiking. This is the most beautiful campsite I think I've ever had. It was like the cover of a backpacking magazine.

After Papa Bear and Caboose jumped in, I took a plunge in freezing water. It was so cold it took my breath away, but I have to admit it was refreshing.

We had amazing views of the lake and a gorgeous pink sunset over the mountains. I feel pretty lucky to have this as my kitchen and dining room.

(Here's a New Hampshire rock. Watch for Vermont ;-)


  1. Wow! What an incredible place to camp. These pictures are amazing. Thanks for the incredible updates and stories! -gerben


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